Solar Water Pump

Water for aggrigation even if there is no grid!

Solar Water Pump

SOLAR Water Pump

Solar water pump is the most applicable source to be used to pump in the desert or non-caltivated land.

We can use the sun to pump water from underground for irrigation system. This is the most sustainable solution for non-developed areas.

Solar Water Pump .. The Gift for the Poor!



Why would you use the solar water pump?

  1. Extremely low operating cost - Zero fuel costs.
  2. Comparatively low maintenance.
  3. 10 years warranty for the collector.
  4. Simple and highly reliable.
  5. Eco-friendly.
  6. Economically beneficial.
  7. Easy to transport and relocate.
  8. Safe & environmental friendly.
  9. It allows people to handle their water supply for drinking, farm animals watering, irrigation, & other housing applications.
  10. Go green towards sustainable solutions.


How does the solar water pump work?

solar water pump system diagram

solar system design


solar systems warranty and after sales service

Warranty & aftersales

solar system installation