Solar Power Generation - Net Metering

Saving electricity using the net metering policy!

Solar PV system - on-grid - net meter

Solar Power Generation - Net Metering

Solar PV system with Net Meter policy is an agreement between the government and the customer to use the national grid to be connected to the solar power generaion.

The customer can transfer the excess energy to the grid and reduce the total cost.

Get the Return on Invstment - ROI 30 - 50%


Why would you switch to Net meter solar power generation?

  1. High reduction in the electricity bills.
  2. Secure your saving by using the governmental on-grid agreement.
  3. On-grid solar systems are very cost-effective and easy to install.
  4. Payback in 3-5 years.
  5. Financial fund.
  6. Eleminate the risk of rising energy costs for your business or home.
  7. Return on investments.
  8. Safe & environmental friendly.
  9. International standards certification.
  10. 10 years warranty for the PV panel.
  11. Go green towards sustainable solutions.

How does the net metering solar power generation work?

solar pv system on-grid net meter


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