Solar Water Heater

Safe & Instant Hot Water at Home all the year long, 24h/day!

Solar Water Heater Royal Rojana Egypt

Solar Water Heater

Solar water heater supplies your home with hot water all the year round. Solar water heaters use natural sun light to heat water, therefore it is considered the best electricity saver water heating solution in Egypt.

EGreen Solar water heater is designed for optimum performance in Egypt, it supplies hot water for 24 hours, all the year long. The solar water heater include a thermostate with a backup heater as a support in the case emergencies.

Solar water heater ... Save the electrcity used by your electric heater!


Solar water heater size that works for you

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Why would you switch to solar water heater?

  1. Save up to 33% of your electric bill.
  2. Immediate hot water all year long.
  3. Safe & environmental friendly.
  4. Antibacterial design for heating drinking water.
  5. International standards certification.
  6. 10 years warranty for the collector.
  7. Backup system.
  8. Go green towards sustainable solutions.
EGreen Solar water heater


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