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Solar on-grid power generation

Solar On-grid              Power Generation

solar pv system - on-grid

Connecting the solar PV to the exisitng grid, by this system you can use the electricity generated by the PV for your own consumption and this way enables you to save your electricity bill.


Solar off-grid power generation

Solar Off-grid              Power Generation

solar pv system - off-grid

Suitable solution for remote areas that are not connected to the national grid or when the power cuts periodically. It is convient as a backup system or when there is no near by grid to connect to.


Solar Net Meter System

Solar Net Meter System power generation

solar pv system - on-grid - net meter

Connecting the solar pv to the governmental grid, and use the net meter policy to exchange the power generated from the PV to the national grid. It is the best solution to reduce your electricity bill.


Central Water Heating

Central Water Heating

Solar central water heating

Reliable solution for providing the large quantities of hot water.


Solar water heater

Solar Water Heater

solar water heater

Economic & cost-effective way to generate hot water all year long.


Solar water pump

Solar Water Pump

solar water pump

Gives you the water needed for irregation using only the sun.