Solar Water Heating system - Central

Forced Solar Water Heating system for hot water high demand consumption!

Solar Water Heating - Central

Solar Water Heating System - Central

Forced circulation solar water heating system with centralized tanks and smart central heating system that provides our customers with a high quality of hot water all day during the year.

Solar water heating system is suitable for hotels, hospitals, schools and residential homes.

Solar water heating system.. money saving & keeping hot water demand!


Why would you switch to solar central water heating system?

  1. Save Electricity!
  2. Saving the fuel and electric bills.
  3. A safe system compared to using the diesel fuel.
  4. Reduce your fixed costs.
  5. Long term investment.
  6. Financial Fund.
  7. Eleminate the risk of rising energy costs for your business.
  8. INCREASE the value of your property.
  9. Immediate hot water all year long.
  10. Environmental friendly.
  11. Antibacterial design for heating drinking water.
  12. International standards certification.
  13. 10 years warranty for the collector.
  14. Backup system.
  15. Go green towards sustainable solutions.

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How does the solar water heating system work?

solar water heating system diagram


Warranty & aftersales