Thermosiphon Systems

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Thermosiphon Systems

Standard collectors

18 years of experience in constructing collectors have resulted in a well-designed OEM collector system with an elegant and functional appearance: Solar Key mark certificates attest the excellent performance levels of K4 standard collectors. • Innovative absorber mounting and fixing, perfected for Al- and Cu-absorbers
• Aluminum frame profile formed from a single work piece
• Powder-coated frame in 3 RAL-colors anthracite, silver and brown
• Multifunctional, plastic corner caps: robust and color-matched
The new collector housing contains laser welded Cu or Al absorbers with 2 or 4 connectors. The rigorous prevention of thermal bridges allows the highest output levels. The secure glass mount featuring two separate sealing levels made of UVresistant material guarantee ultimate product reliability and durability. The frame profiles are manufactured from high strength, corrosion-protected aluminum.


All-rounder, though especially suitable for larger solar thermal systems:
Laser-welded copper absorber
meander pipe (ø9) and 2 collector pipes (ø22)
4 connections (2 on each length)
powder-coated aluminium frame
(95 mm section height)
3.2 mm structured solar glass with 91.5% transmission
absorber area 2.0 m²
gross collector area 2.15 m²
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