Thermosiphon Systems

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In the Thermosiphon Systems, the system liquid moves naturally without a pump's support.
Solimpeks offers two options of thermosyphon systems that are 200 lt and 300 lt.
Designed by our R&D engineering team, with the use of steel flexible hoses, lime is minimized in these systems with optimal efficiency.
In addition, with light weight tank and simplicity of installation, it is considered one of the most user-friendly systems aside from its competitive price.

Solimpeks use an extraordinary principle to collect heat from the sun and transfer it to your hot water. This principle creates 30% more efficient, hygienic and maintenance free water heater system.

Solimpeks Thermosiphon Systems at a glance

  • Tested & Solarkeymark Certified Acc. to EN 12976-1:2
  • Closed Loop, Indirect Thermosiphon System
  • No need magnesium anode
  • Hygienic, rust free, light solar tank
  • Unpressurised tank, pressurized water
  • All our work has an insurance-backed a 5 year warrantee.

Technical Specs

SOLAR COLLECTOR Wunder CLS 2510 Wunder CLS 2108 (2 pieces)
BOILER AISI-316 L flexible heat exchanger AISI-316 L flexible heat exchanger
CAPACITY (lt/da) 200 300
INSULATION Polyurethan Polyurethan
EXPANSION (It) 10 10
MOUNTING On-roof, Flat roof On-roof, Flat roof

Solar Thermal Collectors

Our high performance flat plate solar collectors are designed for all climates. Robust and hard-wearing, they are ideal for domestic use and tested and guaranteed under the extreme conditions of the EN 12975 hail test. Providing flexibility in installation, these panels can be installed on a flat roof, pitched roof or can be roof integrated depending on your requirements.
Download TSM 200&300 manual here

Egreen Installation Team

We are proud that we have the best installation team in Egypt with extensive experience and high skills which make ability to give you the guarantee period and maintenance free up to 5 years. You can also watch a lot of the actual projects that had been carried out in various conditions with Egreen different photo albums

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