Our Heritage

We are proud that we have many projects in different sectors and various solar applications over previous years, here we mention some of them:
For tourism field we had provided many applications for different purposes of solar hot water usages for many hotels, resorts and & tourism villages, including what is in Sharm el-Sheikh, such as the following applications:

Some of which are at Hurghada, such as the following applications:

Some of which are at Marsa Alam, such as:

Some of which are at Safaga, such as:

and others are at Taba as follows:

also at the field of Industrial Applications, we made more than application for large scale at high heated water degrees,such as:

For residential we established many different applications for various usages like the following:

Our applications are not only limited to the direct use of hot water, but also talked about for agricultural applications such as greenhouses , represented in the application of agricultural greenhouse heating, at Al-Mansoura University, for two greenhouses using 3000 liters of solar heated water as evidenced by us in the following images:

For the field of Photovoltaic we had two main types of electricity generation systems, the PV panels and the power units. For PV panels we installed large scale systems such as:

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