Centralize system

KBB Germany

In 2004, KBB entered the industrial production of laser-welded absorbers. In the largely automated production line, copper and aluminium absorbers are produced in 1-minute cycles. During its initial two years of production, the laser welding facility developed by KBB produced over 300,000 m2 of high-tech absorbers for leading solar providers.

Laser-welded absorbers can withstand the higher standstill temperatures of the new collector generation. For this reason, they are particularly suitable for collectors which feature anti-reflex glass and optimal thermal insulation. In this way, greater thermal effectiveness and efficiency characteristics can be obtained. Such collectors are particularly well suited for countries with higher levels of solar radiation.

Due to sharp increases in copper prices, KBB started production in 2005 of laser-welded aluminium absorbers following extensive testing procedures. Aluminium absorbers had a clear cost advantage in 2006 over copper absorbers, with the same performance.
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Main differences between thermo siphon & centralize systems:

  1. Thermo siphon system produce small amount of water for each solar water heater but centralize one can doubling the produced amount of water that is used for more purposes.
  2. Each collector has its tank for thermo syphon system but in the centralize one a group of collectors have a common storage tank.
  3. Centralize systems have control units and a pump to circulate the hot water through such larger cycle.

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