Centralize system

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Centralize system

The solar central water heater (SCWH) could supply hot water for massive users effectively and reliably. A SCWH assisted by heat pump (SCWHP) was proposed by replacing the electrical heating appliance with the heat pump. The heat pump could grantee that SCWH woks under any conditions and energy consumption could be reduced sharply. Because the climate situation is quite different between the southern part and the northern , annual operating property of SCWHP would be rather different placing the equipment in different regions.

Central System Properties

System contains solar collector with a high absorption coefficient and high efficiency. No deposition of calcium within the solar collectors. Hot water tanks made ​​of stainless acetylcholine high resistance to corrosion and rust. Heat loss during the night, very few. The system contains a digital indicator of temperature for both solar collectors and hot water tanks and thermal loads. As a result the use of advanced control technology can be used solar heating system and one of many thermal loads at the same time as well as the development of a remote control system. The file provider heating system electric backup works according to the need spontaneously. Can obtain the hot water at a constant temperature according to need. The possibility of developing solar collectors to integrate with buildings with slanted surfaces. The system does not need regular maintenance. Does not make this system any kind of environmental pollution
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