EGreen Solar Water heater


The most feasible, affordable & efficient method to the hot water you desire!
Small units of solar water heater & Solar water heating centralized systems.
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Using solar PV system to produce electricity is now the cheapest source ever for energy generation!
Solar PV power generation systems designed as per your consumption.
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Solar Energy Systems
Solar Water Heater

Egyptian Renewable Energy Co. "EGreen"
10 years of experience & more!

EGreen is specialized in the solar energy systems; including the solar PV power generation on-grif systems, solar PV power generation off-grid systems solar water heater and solar water heating systems in different economical sectors such as commercial, residential, torism and agricultural in addition to solar pump.

Egyptian Renewable Energy Co. "EGreen" provides: System Design - Supply - Delivery - Installation - Warranty & After sale support.

EGreen coverage scope is for our customers located all over Egypt.

solar power generation on-grid icon

Solar PV Power Generation-On-grid

Your electricity bills are high?

Using the solar energy PV system to generate electricity and connect it to the grid!

Egyptian renewable energy provides solar energy PV On-Grid systems, which are connected to your grid, to reduce your electric bill cost.

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solar batteries icon

Solar PV Power Generation-Off-grid

No electric grid present?

Solar energy PV system is the best solution if your project is working away from the national grid!

Egreen can install the solar energy PV off-grid system, if you also need to secure your electric power generation source using the solar PV system.

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solar net meter icon

Solar PV Power Generation-Net-Meter

High electric bills & excess generation?

Now you can build your solar energy PV power generation system and connect it to the national grid!

You can reduce your electricity bills through the net metering policy of your solar eneryg PV on-grid power generation system.

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solar water heating icon

Solar Water Heating Systems - Central

Water heating high costs?

Solar water heating system - central can provide you with a high volume of hot water!

Solar water heating systems use the forced circulation system, which is the most effecient and profitable system for providing hot water for the commercial, industrial and residential sectors.


 water drop

Solar Water Heater

No Gas & electric heating cost is high?

Water heater using electricity generates high electric bill and no gas installed in your area!

The solar water heater can give you the desired hot water along the year with the advantage of reserving the temperature using a high insulation system for the tanks of the solar water heater.



Solar Pump

Need irregation without using Gasoline?

The solar pump system, is the best water pump system for irregation in the desert areas!

The solar energy pump system is used to pump the water from under ground using high effeicient photo voltaic (PV) pannels and inverters forming solar pump system, solar pump can be used where no grid is present too.


solar photovoltaic - solar PV icon
Solar PV systems Installed Capacity
solar water heating icon
Installed Solar Water Heater
 Thermal water solar system - Centralized icon

Centralized Thermal Solar Energy Systems

Financial Funds for Solar Energy systems
& Solar Water Heater Systems

There are different financial funds and solutions available with EGreen to facilitate payments for your solar energy PV system, solar water heater, solar water heating system & solar pump project.

solar fund commercial sector Commercial
solar power generation system in Egypt CIB




  Grant for solar energy system projects up to 15% with a reduced interest rate
- Solar PV system.
- Solar water heating systems.
- Solar water heater.

solar fund residential sector Residential
EGreen solar water heater in Egypt




  Credit Limit using Valu program
- Solar energy PV systems.
- Solar water heater.
- Solar water heating systems.

solar fund for the industrial sector Industrial
solar pv system in Egypt


Grants refund up to 15% of the solar project cost.


fund up to 7 M L.E. with 3.5% admin experiences.
- All Solar energy systems.

solar fund for solar pump Solar Pump
solar pump in Egypt


Agricultural Bank of Egypt - ABE

Soft lean with interest rate up to 5%
- Solar pumping system.

Our Services

Solar Energy Systems Design

solar energy system design

Egyptian Renewable Energy Co. has our qualified design solar energy system based on solar software and a trained staff to provide our clients with the optimal solar energy system design needed to maximize the output.

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Maintenance & Warranty
Solar Energy Systems & Solar water heater

solar system Maintenance and Warranty

We are using the most trained man power for installation and maintenance, beside our experience for more than 10 years, accumilated alot of qualification for our staff.

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Aftersales service
Solar Energy Systems & Solar water heater

solar energy aftersales service

Egyptian Renewable Energy Co. manitains the solar energy systems in any location in Egypt according to our customers desire. We have different maintainance policies; that enables our customers to choose among them for the most suitable one according to their plan.

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Delivery service
Solar Energy Systems & Solar water heater

solar energy delivery service in Egypt

EGreen is committed to do free delivery for the solar energy systems supplied to Cairo and Alexandia in Egypt. In addition we can provide you with a paid delivery service for your solar energy system to any other location in Egypt.

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EGreen Recent Projects


EGreen solar power generation system "solar PV system" project.
Location: Pharco - Alexandria, Egypt.


Our Partner "MES" : Solar Tanks Manufacturer


Mesalla Engineering works is our partner for solar tanks manufacturing, solar tanks with high quality according to the European standards.


Mesalla Engineering Works solar tanks